When arriving in Weymouth come to Old Harbour View, where we can off load your luggage, and we can then help you park.

When entering Old Harbour View you come through our porch, into our breakfast room. We have a central staircase which is about 7-8 paces from the front door. There are no steps into the B&B. The Kitchen is as the rear of the house, which is a private area.

Our charming double en suite bedrooms are on the second floor. The first set of stairs start with a butlers step, this is a half riser, which ascend another 6 steps to a half landing. The staircase continues up another 7 steps to a full landing on the first floor. Each full landing has double light switch opposite the upward staircase.

Again, the staircase ascend 7 steps to another half landing, and then another 7 steps to the second floor full landing. Where our Harbour double en suite, and Lighthouse en suite twin are located.

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